95 astro abs lamp


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95 astro abs lamp

What gives when I cant clear all codes/lamp-on by using 2second on+2second off method by jumpering a+h aldl pins?For reference it has 2codes:66 for bpmv+a73 thats not listed in my manual.Thanks ahead for any input!
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4-Wheel Anti-lock Brakes


The trouble codes are read by jumping terminal A and terminal H of the ALDL (assembly line diagnostic link) with a jumper wire. Observe the flashing of the ANTI-LOCK warning light. The terminals must be jumped for about 20 seconds before the code will begin to flash.

Count the number of short flashes starting from the long flash. Include the long flash as a count. Sometimes the first count sequence will be short, however, following counts will be accurate.

If there is more than one failure, only the first recognized code will be retained and flashed.

Code 21-RF speed sensor or circuit open
Code 22-Missing RF speed signal
Code 23-Erratic RF speed sensor
Code 25-LF speed sensor or circuit open
Code 26-Missing LF speed signal
Code 27-Erratic LF speed sensor
Code 29-Simultaneous drop out of front speed sensors
Code 31-RR speed sensor or circuit open
Code 32-Missing RR speed signal
Code 33-Erratic RR speed signal
Code 35-VSS or LR speed sensor or circuit open
Code 36-Missing VSS or LR speed sensor or circuit open
Code 37-Erratic VSS or LR speed sensor signal
Code 38-Wheel speed error
Code 41-54-Control valves
Code 61-63-Reset switches
Code 65-66-Open or shorted pump motor relay
Code 67-Open motor circuit or shorted BPMV output
Code 68-Locked motor or shorted motor circuit
Code 71-74-Memory errors
Code 81-Brake switch circuit shorted or open
Code 86-Shorted anti-lock indicator lamp
Code 88-Shorted brake warning lamp


Trouble codes on the 1996 vehicles can only be read using a scan tool. It is not possible to read the trouble codes by the flashing light method. The trouble codes are the same as the earlier year vehicles.

On 1985-95 vehicles the trouble codes may be cleared using a Tech I scan tool or by performing the following procedures. On 1996 vehicles, the trouble codes can only be cleared by the Tech 1 scan tool.

Turn the ignition switch to the RUN position.
Use a jumper wire to ground the ALDL terminal A to H for 2 seconds.
Remove the jumper wire for 2 seconds.
Repeat the grounding and ungrounding 2 more times.
Check that the memory is cleared by making a diagnostic request.
Turn the ignition switch OFF.
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On some 1995 models, you need a scanner to access and clear the codes. Go to any Autozone after you fix the problem and they'll do it for you free of charge.
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Thanks guys for the input!Stevo2-Your code list is more complete then the list in my Chiltons manual-Thanks!I also tried clearing codes by grounding A+H tmns. w/2sec. on+off method repeating twice as suggested.This is my trouble-I have cleared these codes in this vehicle(non OBDII) before following the 2sec. on+off method which follows w/the ABS+BRAKE lamp glowing together-codes cleared.Doesn't seem to work this time around and I wonder whats missing in my procedure?I have never had this memory code(73) after the code 66.Any thoughts?
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Again, I would use a scanner to see what's actually going on. Clearing the codes is one thing, understanding them another .

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