ZX2 AM Radio Interference


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ZX2 AM Radio Interference

Hi all,

1999 Ford Escort ZX2, 2.0L Zetec, Automatic trans, with a/c, 87k miles.

Got a strange problem with my AM radio reception, and since I have had good luck posting here in the past, thought I'd throw this one out to you. My car has an aftermarket Sony car stereo installed which I've had for years, and can pull in stations seemingly from Mars, but I've run into a problem where, when I am listening to AM radio stations, I will get interference as the car is moving and seemingly this interference will change depending upon the road's surface. For example, a station will be clear as a bell, but when my car changes to a different surface (for example, from new to old pavement) the AM reception will be affected by what seems to be "static-sounding" interference. This goes away when you stop at a stop sign, and returns as the car gets rolling again. I'm kind of baffled by this one; what I do know is that it does NOT sound like the type of interference that is of a "whiny" nature (the kind where the pitch of the whine goes up and down with the rev of the engine). Other than that, I'm stumped. Any suggestions?
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Have the wiring and grounds checked. Who did the install?

I listen to AM radio in the morning. It comes and goes. Such is AM radio

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