running hot, still


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Unhappy running hot, still

I used black pepper to fix a small radiator leak and it has caused my 1996 Ford Aerostar XLT van to start running hot. It is a 3.0 v6 motor. Not sure if that is what caused it, but was not running hot before. It still has plenty of fluid in radiator. I have replaced the thermostat and flushed the radiator. If it begins to run hot, I can turn the heater on and the temperature drops drastically.
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Time to fix it right replace the thermostat. Patch or replace the radiator, flush the coolant. PEPPER?
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Pitch the radiator and completely flush the system. Pepper is not a good "home remedy" for repairing radiators. Fix the system correctly.
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running hot stops

I have a windstar 3.8 ran hot also. Did all except check the heads and gaskets.I am suffering still. The rear head #1 cylinder had a worm hole to the port. Hope my experince saves your engine.
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You need to check your fan clutch on the front of your engine to make sure it is working properly. Also make sure your airflow across the radiator isn't obstucted.Does the engine stay at normal temp when you are driving down the road? I ask this because you stated that with the heater on, you can keep the temp down. Hope this helps.
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all of these are great solutions---good point on checking the fan.

Pepper in the radiator--as in salt n pepper??? almost as bad as trans fluid in the gas tank.

Never add anything to radiator system to "stop a leak" Fix the problem at it's source. If something is designed to stop a leak, then what is to stop it from clogging everything in the whole system??

Some newer radiators have plastic side tanks, and are almost a single use setup. Some good radiator shops can still rod them out and put on new tanks, try that or replace it completely. You may need a complete power flush on the car as well to get all the gunk out of the system and block.

Summer is only 2 months away, don't sit on this problem too long, or you will have some serious bad luck in the middle of nowhere on your way to a vacation 300 miles away...good luck!!
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I agree with Jeremy.

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