PLY Voyager Head Gasket/Timing Chain


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PLY Voyager Head Gasket/Timing Chain

I have a '94 Voyager with a 3.3 liter engine in need of a head gasket replacement. The engine has 110,000 miles and has been very well maintained, with Mobile 1 oil changes at the scheduled intervals. I'm the original owner. I'm considering having the timing chain replaced at the same time, but the total cost is about $500 more. I don't know how long the timing chain is expected to last, but I thought since they're going in that far it may be prudent to have it done at this time. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!
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I am not familiar with the 3.3 but airing on the side of caution, I would go forthe chain and gears. Mobil 1 is a pretty good oil, as a matter of fact it comes in #2 in almost all certified performance tests.

What does this have to do with anything? It's #2 rating in the 4 ball wear test, (a critical test) means that the wear on your engine has been held to a minimum as long as you did as you mentioned and still changed at specified intervals.

BUT, chains and sprockets don't just wear, the chains stretch! As a chain stretches it begins to ride up the tooth of the sprocket and cause wear that the lubricant can't help.

ALWAYS replace chains and gears as a set.
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It's not a bad idea, and they can check the total chain stretch for you and advise if there is a need to do it right now.

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