Valve Lash???


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Valve Lash???

1990 accord.
There is a noise gradually getting louder in the top end of the motor.
It is sort of a "rattley" noise, and seems to go away when the rpms increase.
There is 190000 km on the engine.
Someone mentioned valve adjustment.
I know its not much info to go on, but....... any comments appreciated.
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At over 100,000 miles, if the valves have never been adjusted it's a possibility. Get you hands on a repair manual or check the procedure in AutoLibrary:

Not out of the question that you could have an oil pressure problem. As the engine rpm is increased, more oil is being pumped to the top end. Might want to have the pressure checked with a good test gauge.

And although it won't produce the type noise you describe, when was the last time the timing belt was replaced?
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I agree.
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I agree also, check out the oil supply quicky in case it is on its way out.

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