Gear Shift is "Creaky"


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Gear Shift is "Creaky"

I drive a 1988 Mazda 626 DX 5 speed, and in the last 3 days or so, the gears sound like 'an old creaky bed'. It sounds this way in every gear when I shift. Any ideas?
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It could be anything. Is the gearbox full with the proper oil? Mileage? When's the last time it saw a clutch?
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Hi, Joe- Thanks for responding. I cannot seem to locate the resevoir for the transmission oil (I assume that's what you mean by gearbox)....any ideas on where to look? The odometer is broken, so last know mileage was 147,000, but I think it's closer to 180 or 190. When was the last time it saw a cluch? I'm not sure what you mean.....let me know. Thanks!
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noisy tranny

The filler for the gear oil is (I think) a pipe plug located up on the left side of the transmission. Any quick lube or other service place can drain and refill since I assume you don't have pump to pump the gear oil up.
If the car shifts OK, just noisy it's probably not the clutch, but I think that Mazda tranny is the same as in the Miata, so there is also a turret underneath the shift boot at the base of the shift lever. It takes a little bit of gear oil as well AND INSIDE OF THE TURRET THERE IS A PLASTIC BUSHING THAT BREAKS, it makes kind of a "snickety-snickety" noise but I guess it could sound like a creaky bed.
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I was inquiring if the clutch has ever been replaced. You're up there in mileage, so a clutch is a possibility.

I agree with Frank on his assessment. A good tranny shop should be able to check it out for you.

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