Grand cherokee transfer case


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Grand cherokee transfer case

I have a 1994 Jeep grand cherokee 8 cyl with all wheel drive. When you turn to right or left or cut short, there is a clunking underneath, and front end kinda shakes a bit. I was told this is from a part in the transfer case that is bad that is causing it to NOT let it disengage the 4wd when I needs to. $900+ to fix and I would like to know if anyone has heard of or come across this that can tell me more of what it is causing this and how hard it is to change. Its either a 242 or 231 model transfer case, Im not sure even which it is and not sure how to find out. Nobody seems to want to tell me much about how to fix this, yet Im told its a common problem with Grand Cherokees with all-wheel drive systems. It has 120,000 miles on it. Thanks for any info/advise you can give.
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I cannot truthfully answere the question on "what part" concerning the transfer case, however it sounds like it is not disengaging. Have seen that on other 4X4's. You might get a repair manual on this veh. but I do not think it is a DIY project. Figuring the 70$ and up an hour labor charge, I dont think the 900 bucks is that far out of line, considering parts and all. In the past I have found a lot of 4X4 work is expensive. Appears whoever gave you the info was being pretty honest with you.
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Correct. Im tryin to learn all I can about what could possible be wrong, thats how I learn I was told it could be some type of vaccum-acuated servo type valve, or it could be a worn steel part deep inside the transfer case. Either way, I am not equipped neither mentally or physically to do the job. lmfao
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Your T-Case is the NP242. How can I tell this with out looking at it? Because the 231 in not a full time T-Case. You can always find a metal tag on the newer New Venture T-Cases But with out tearing it to it you could never be sure of what part is causing the problem.
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Original poster: Get a couple of price quotes and opinions. If they are all in the same ballpark, you have your answer .

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