General brake question


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General brake question

Should both calipers be replaced when one goes bad? I have 91 Town car, had left front caliper replaced 20K ago and now told left pads worn uneven and need to be replaced again. Was told it could be caused by not replacing both the first time.. Same place is doing the work and said they would cover replacing the bad one if I covered the other side. Your thoughts.
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darrell McCoy
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calipers should be replaced in pairs, same applies with hoses. Replace them along with the calipers.
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in some circumstances they should be depending alot on the condition of the brake system.
if you are reffering to the inner and outer pad on one side not wearing evenly this is usally caused by the caliper or pad binding and not being able to float side to side thus causing one pad to wear out sooner.
if the left side is wearing out alot sooner than the right side it would be more likely a caliper or brake hose problem where one caliper is doing more work than the other, i would think it would be odd for a caliper to go bad again after just 20k miles from being replaced.
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It would be nice to replace both---However, it is not always required, otherwise they would sell them in pairs.

Is it recommended--maybe, however if $$ is tight, you should be able to draw a good conclusion as to the condition of the other caliper. Look at the wear on the pads, look to see if the rubber boot is torn or leaking. If it looks ok, you may be alright.
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Change both calipers, pads and hoses. Cheap insurance to do the job right. I agree with Darrell.

The parts are cheap. The time to redo it again and avoid headaches is priceless .

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