Digital EGR & ECM


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Digital EGR & ECM

I have an 1988 Olds 98 Regency with 113,000 miles. The SES light came on while driving to work today. The SES light stayed on the entire trip (10 miles). SES light stayed on while driving home until 1 mile away from home and then it went off. Checked codes using the paper clip method and got a code 26 and 63. The manual says to look for for bad connections. Is a bad connection the probable cause, or is it more like a worn out EGR? Or an ECM?
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Several years ago I had a 1988 88 olds with 3.8L engine. If memory serves when my EGR went out the engine ran rough at low RPM (I also have an in-law that works at a dealership and used his fancy computer to check it as well). How is it running? It is easy to change, just $$$. As far as the ECM, I have no experience.

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I would start by checking my connections and grounds. Any thing is possible but, always start with the cheap stuff.
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What does say those codes coincide to? That's the vehicle system you want to check.
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The vehicle runs fine. The idle might be a little rough, but not bad for 15 yrs old. The connections at the EGR look okay. Haven't done any actual circuit testing yet. I have started it acouple of times at home to see if the SES light comes on, and it has not. Thought I might drive it around a little more to see if the SES light will come back on.

Code 63 refers you back to code 26 (if you have a code 26 also). From what the manual says, it looks like everything is referring to problems with the circuitry, not necessarily a problem with the EGR or the ECM. Wondered if that was generally the case (bad circuitry) that you have seen in the past, or if it was in fact a bad EGR or ECM.

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