Distributor installation


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Distributor installation

I recently removed the distributor on my 73 Grand Am to have it checked out. I had some difficulty removing the distributor. It was hard coming out. It took alot of prying and wiggling to get it out. I went to reinstall it and I am having the same problem getting it to go in. I did not set the crank to TDC before I took out the distibutor. Just removed the cap looked at the location the rotor was facing and made marks on the fire wall and distributor housing. I know the bottom of the distibutor has to match up with the oil pump when going in. Should I set the crank to TDC to install the Disributor? What should I do? Any advise would be appreciated
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re installing a dist sometimes can be a real bear

If your lines are good enough--then you don't need to line it up with tdc, however, if the lines you drew are not too good, then you can line it up with tdc.

Make sure it is the compression stroke on tdc.

Personnally, I would attempt an install using the lines initially drawn. the only thing that is going to get this thing in properly is a whole lot of patience and wiggling. It is real easy to install it off a click too, so be careful. Have patience, eventually it will slide in
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I agree, they only go in easy when the motor is built.
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I agree.

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