Crank Position Sensor Or Transmission??


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Unhappy Crank Position Sensor Or Transmission??

1993 Ply Grand voyager SE.........Transman2U helped me solve my problem with this van last year. I had the transmission rebuilt in 2001. Then mechanical problems began. I spent over $1800 having it towed and new parts put on it. The dealership just kept putting new things on that didn't fix the problem. Transman2U said it was probably crank position sensor since I had transmission work. My hubby put one on and the problem was fixed in August last year. The van has been as good as when I bought it until this morning. While driving about 45 mph it jerked very hard. ( So hard my daughter thought I had hit something.) From that jerk it would not upshift. I drove about 30 mph to a parking lot. Before I had transmission rebuilt in 2001 it did this exact same thing. So I remembered the remedy I had used for months back then. I pulled over turned van off and sat for about a minute. Then restarted and drove back home approx. 10 miles with no problems. In 2001 the repair guy said this reset my computer turning it off and then back on. So my question is : Is my transmission going out again or could it be a sensor or computer problem? If you reread my posts last year you will note that the transmission repair guy had a horrible time getting the transmission fixed. He even told me to drive it for a while and it would probably get better!! I really don't want to go through that again. PLEASE Help...................very discouraged!!!
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Could be the tranny or computer. Tough to say without diagnosing it. Those overdrive trannies in those Chrysler minivans are flat out junk.

Have it checked by the tranny shop that did the work and have them take another look at it. If they say it's nothing, then bring it to a competent ASE certified shop for diagnosis.

If the dealership just changed parts and that didn't solve your problems, I suggest you fight the dealership and Chrysler to get some of your money back.
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My van has not had anymore episodes since yesterday morning. I went to a reputable transmission shop today (not the one who did the rebuild 9,000 miles ago) They drove it and checked the computer for codes. He said it drove fine. But there was a code set for solenoid. He reset the computer. In his opinion he said he would drive it and see if it acted up again. He said it could just have been a glich. He said if it does it again to bring it back and he would see if a code had been set again. He said possibly the first shop did not change the solenoid pack when they rebuilt the trans. He said to change the solenoid pack would be about $235 parts and $50 labor. I have come to value the opinions of this forum so I wanted to see what you all thought...........Thanks
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This shop has the right idea. If the problem surfaces again, ask if you can bring it in on the fly and have him pull the codes or go for a ride.

There is a possibility of a bad solenoid, this is very true.
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Awwwww....the glorious Chrysler family. I had a 93 Dodge Grand Caravan. These are very bad about the solenoid pack among other things. We never could get ours straight. Dealer twice, trans guy once......said that it was a solenoid, replaced it still the same. Got tired of messing with it. Have a Montana now.
These were also terrible for wiring problems. I would do what the tranny guy said, see if it re-occurs and then have it checked out again.


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