1995 Ford Taurus 3.0 - Starting Problems


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1995 Ford Taurus 3.0 - Starting Problems

Not long ago, my wife was driving this automobile, as she turned into a parking lot, the check engine light came on for a couple of seconds and then went off. She parked the car and upon her return, she could not get the car started. Both the battery and and starter are new ( you have a tendency to keep tabs on those items when you live in Wisconsin). There is fuel, as I put in 6 gallons just to be sure - the car turns over great, but would not start. I could hear the fuel pump whirring, so fuel was not an issue. After a while at trouble shooting, I found that IF I held the gas pedal to the floor as I cranked the engine, the car would start and remain running. In talking to my wife she mentioned that for some time the gas pedal 'seemed' to stick when depressed lightly or at least it took a little more pressure to get the vehicle to increase speed. In older carb cars the accelerator valve could be at fault... same here? Any Ideas?
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Pull the trouble codes from the computer---what happened is that the vehicle started by flooring it because it likely went into clear flood mode. Something's screwy somewhere.

Go to www.batauto.com, pull your trouble codes and tell us what you find.

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