'96 Astro van engine swap ??s


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'96 Astro van engine swap ??s

Just bought an '96 Astro van (4.3L) great condition w/ bad motor (believed to be a spun rod brg.) Got a good deal (I think) $1200 and plan to fix/replace motor to sell it. Van has 102k miles and is well loaded.
I read on the Auto Library that they recommend to lift the body off the frame to get the motor out. That seems to be a ton of extra work. Also, practically impossible to do in my garage at home. Older models ('91-'95) you cut the radiator support. (More reasonable for me). Anyone go either route with one of these and have experiences to share?

I will probably start by pulling the pan while it's still in the van... to check the crank journals and bottom end condition. Might just put a crank (and oil pump/timing set) into it but could be risky. Don't know about the time savings vs. pulling it all the way out.
Any experiences/ideas greatly appreciated.

BTW: The Chevrolet dealer wanted $4200 to put a new motor into it, $3200 to put a used one in.
Steve H.
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1200 is Ok for the vehicle needing a motor.....

Go with a Goodwrench rebuilt motor which will have all the upgrades versus the original. If not, get a rebuilt from Jasper or ATK.

Follow the directions in the GM service manual (if you don't have one, buy one) to R&R the engine, it's the best resource.
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i thought there was like a engine/transmission/subframe that could be removed. You might think of doing a V8 swap they claim they are easy. Check out this website. http://www.jagsthatrun.com/Pages/AstroVan_V-8.html
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While I agree, this is an OBDII vehicle and it would be a bear to get all the electronics right on it.

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