S10 Battery Drain


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S10 Battery Drain

I'm troubleshooting the following;

1983 S10 (Sonoma?) Truck
2.8 Litre(?)

The battery is draining off and wont start. The owner, who is a friend, says that she was in the truck, with the key out, and heard a "distorted" chimming sound go on for a while. The truck couldn't be started afterwards.

All she has to do is boost the truck and away she goes.

Any suggestions?

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Check the altenator to start an make sure it is charging right, next try to charge the battery with a manual charger and see if it takes a charge and holds it. Barring either one of those components it you likely have a bad connection or ground.
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The distorted chiming sound could be a stuck seat belt/key warning buzzer.

Power up the vehicle with a boost or a charger and then shut off and remove the key. If you hear what sounds like the key warning buzzer (the one that warns you when you open the door and the key is still in the ignition), you'd have to investigate if there's fault in the steering column or not.

I agree with Weld on the alternator assessment.

Yes a Sonoma is an S10 (a cheap version of one).

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