1994 Ford F-150


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Question 1994 Ford F-150

Dear Master Mechanic:
I have a 1994 Ford F-150 Pickup truck with a 5.0 engine that is blowing white smoke from the tail pipe. The smoke smells like gas & oil. The oil stick smells like gas. A computer check stated that it has low compression in one of the cylinders. Help? I had just changed the oil the day before and put injection cleaner in the gas tank, then I started having this problem. Prior to that it ran just fine. It has 111,000 miles. Any suggestions as to what this could be?
Any tips would be appreciated.
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White smoke is generally coolant/water vapor.

"Gas" smoke, as in running excessively rich, would be black.

Oil smoke is bluish.

Blown head gasket would be a possibility here, but you'll need some more investigation. An inspection of the spark plugs would be a good starting point.

Other things to check: Are you losing coolant (have to put water in the coolant tank frequently)?; is the oil on the dipstick discolored or have visible water in it? Has your gas mileage gone down?

Probably going to want some professional assistance on this one. A good garage will have the proper test equipment to narrow down the problem.
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UH OH, sounds to me like a busted head or cracked block.
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Pay attention to the smell of the smoke. Does it smell sweet like syrup? If it does, blown head gasket or cracked block/cylinder head.

In that case, order a rebuilt engine from Ford and replace the engine. A shop can confirm that you do indeed have a blown gasket.

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