Another question re: summer noises


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Another question re: summer noises

I know that we have been through this, but I still cannot find an answer. Would it help in answering my problem if you know that when I sit at a stop light and wait for the light to change, I also watch my heat theromoter move up to 210. Does the fact that my car gets that hot have anything to do with why I have a noise (like something hitting a fan) come from my car when I start to accelerate from the stop light.

Please help--It is driving me crazy.
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darrell McCoy
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Seems by those indications, it may be the fan or possibly a fan shroud. Next time you get a chance, while engine is cold, turn on the A/C, this will energize the fan immediately, then see if the noise appears. Again check belts and tensioner pulley. Some of these noises can drive a guy wacky. Had a noise, 65MPH, pulled my hair out. Finally found it to be the inner fenderwell plastic was missing a screw, Would have swore it was coming from dash.
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Darrell gave you some good ideas, but we can't help much without vehicle specifics.

Read, "See here before posting" at the top of the forum's page and post back the required information.

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