brakes humming


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brakes humming

I just got done doing a brake job on a 96 Ford Taurus. All disk brakes. Anyhow, what happened was I actually did the same brake job on it yesterday, including turned rotors, replaced rear right hand calliper, and replaced pads. I got a call this morning and found out the brakes were SHOT! I took off the new parts (the pads were almost crumbling after only one day) and I assumed it was a bad calliper, so I took that back, they gave me a new one and new brake pads, I replaced it, and as soon as I got done I test drove it, and they are literally humming, as if it was a warped rotor or similar.... any guesses?
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If it hums without the brakes applied maybe a hub bearing,if it hums while braking the rotors were not cut very well,if it hums all the time perhaps the parking brake is applied on the right rear.You don't say why you did the work initially so I'm guessing.
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Sounds like you may have a problem with one or more of the calipers not releasing.
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I'm sorry for not explaining why I did the work to begin with. And to explain a bit, I'm an electrician not a mechanic, but I've done a LOT of work on autos..... anyhow. The reason for doing the work was a noise when braking. When I originally checked the pads, the one on the left side was split (cracked in the middle) which I knew needed to be replaced. Also, when I checked the right side, the boot was split on the caliper (and had some rust where it was split) so I knew that one needed to be replaced. Anyhow, it does not hum, moan, or whatever (it's hard to describe but if you've ever heard it before I think you'll know what I mean) but it doesn't do it when the brakes are applied, only when you are driving. As far as the calipers not releasing, one thing I noticed is that when I put the new brakes on, they were very tight, which I thought was unusual, but I "screwed" in the pistons as tight as I could. Which btw was a new thing for me, I had always used a C-clamp before, but these are the ones that screw, not compress. Hopefully this helps.

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Sure you don't have a bad tire? Rotate the tires front to back. If the noise transfers to the back, it's wheel and tire related.

Barring that, (you don't mention what brand of parts you used), it could be poor quality parts or a wasted hub bearing as others have stated.
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Thanks for all you replies. I found the problem and fixed it, actually it was the pins that hold the caliper on, they were rusted and therefore not able to move freely which basically caused the same effect as a frozen caliper. After removing the pins cleaning them and greasing them, everything seems to be just fine!

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