The car just died as I was driving...


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The car just died as I was driving...

1992 Pontiac Grand Am
4 cyl. 2.3 liter DOHC "D" type engine

Hey guys,

Yesterday as I was driving to work, my car started doing some weird things. First, my turning signal would blink real slow and even freeze sometimes when I used it. Next, the radio was flickering and the speedometer was bouncing all over the place. These sounded like sure signs of my battery dying. As I pulled up to a red light, the car just completely died and wouldn't start again. I had to push it off the road and a good samaritan stopped to give the battery a jump start. After the engine fired up, I had to constantly give it some gas to keep it going. As soon as I let it go down to idle speed, it would stahl out. In any event, I have to fix it now and I wondering if it's just my alternator that's the problem or something more complicated.
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Test the battery and alternator. If the battery is okay, it does appear to be an alternator problem. My 98 Z71 did about the same thing a couple months ago - alternator!.

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If your battery and alternator are working sounds like you might have a computer problem or short.
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Sounds like the alternator is wasted. Do an output test as I have in my "The Basics" below.

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