Ford Contour electrical problem


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Ford Contour electrical problem

I realize this will be hard to solve online but lets give it a shot. I replaced a starter in my brother-in-laws 99 Contour after a short near the positive battery post ran the starter until it died. I repaired the bare wires and everything seemed OK. When he took it to work the next day it was fine on the way in but when he got in to come home, the radio did not work, the clock was so dim it was barely visible, the outside electric mirrors would not work, the interior lights were out, and the shifter/brake interlock clicked every time you stepped on the brake (usually it only clicked when coming out of park). When he got home he checked the fuses and the fuse for the courtesy lights (7.5a) was blown. He replaced it and everything was back to normal until he moved the shifter again. Not every time, but it is related to the shifter. As I said, I was the last person to work on the car, but don't see how any of the wiring related to the starter or any movement of wires should produce this problem. I promised to work on it tonight but don't really know where to start, other than neutral safety switch. I already checked all connections (grounds included) near the battery, engine block, and body and everything is secure and clean.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I am going to assume that you have a multi-meter. Check the alternator for correct output, 13-14.5 volts with the motor running. If that was fine I would next look at the Park/Neutral Position Switch and the trans range sensor. I do not know where they are on you vehicle but a OEM service and repair manual would show you with a wiring diagram and pictures. As you stated the Park Natural Safety Switch is a possible problem or Transmission Control Switch. My shot in the dark is some time during the time the starter was going out or during the changing there was a power surge or arcing that damaged one of the components. You will need to find the specks for the switches I mentioned to test with your multi-meter. A lot of time you can find them on the web or in the manual. If you have a code scanner I would pull the codes and if you donít I would swing by a chain auto parts store and have them read. Some times you find out with codes that it was something entirely different than what you were thinking.
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I agree with Weld. Something got wasted in this whole foray.

Start with below for wiring diagrams, but my suggestion is you get the OEM Ford manual.

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