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1994 Dodge Intrepid 3.3 125K

Engine misfires between 1500-2000rpm whether in park and revved up, or in any gear while driving - hot or cold. Have been to many repair shops and even the dealer - no fix. New EGR and vacc solenoid, plugs and wires, coil pack, coolant temp sensor, cam and crank position sensors.

This is what I found at the 4 wire plug to the coil pack. 1 is 12V - ok. The other 3 are the driver circuits from the PCM and are supposed to pulse ground to the coil pack. The black wire is fine thru the entire rpm range. However the red and white wires break up between 1500-2000rpm. I tried a used PCM - the salvage yard guy said that he drove the car - no change. (Yeah, I know what you're thinking!)

Today I checked the crank sensor - ok. However, the cam sensor seems to have a problem. According to my Haynes manual I'm supposed to backprobe the tan/yellow (+) and the blk/lt blue (-). The voltage is supposed to fluctuate form .3 (metal under sensor) to 5 volts (slots under sensor). Mine does the opposite!

I'm assuming the new one is either wrong or defective. Would this cause the problem that I described - is my diagnosis and testing procedure correct? Any way to rewire existing cam sensor?
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A bad injector will cause a misfire as you so described.

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