vibrations at high speeds


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Angry vibrations at high speeds

Need help! I have a 1987 RX7 turbo and it has a vibration problem. It only happens above 55 mph and only while curving to the right. It also disapears after I past 75 mph. It started as a small vibration you can feel in the steering wheel and the intensity and sound increased over time. I now have a power steering fluid leak, don't know if its related but it's getting worse. I beleive it's not an unbalanced tire, had them balanced. Please anybody I need help finding the problem.
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I would start with getting and alignment. If that dose not fix it, I would check my driveline joints and for bent wheelís and out of round tires. There is also a chance that you have bearing on the way out. But that usally causes more noise than vibration. Vibration of any kind is not really a good thing for pumps. But I doubt that is the only factor in the leak.
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Rotate the tires front to back. If the problem goes away it is wheel and tire related. Start there.

Failing that, likely bad tie rods in the front end.

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