decarbonization... acceptable?


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decarbonization... acceptable?

Does the process below sound hunky-dory? My 92 luminator with a 3.1 just rolled over the century mark. I'll be taking care of some misc. fluid leaks and while browsing the net, I came across the process below. I do have slight spark knock on occasion. Can this do more harm than good?

Carbon buildup can hurt performance, from the knock retard it can induce to the restriction in airflow and improper valve sealing in the combustion chamber. It is a good idea to go through this process as part of your tune up procedure.

Buy a can for top engine cleaner from your GM DEALER (other decarbon fluids dont work as good). You want the liquid, not the spray. This is to be done outdoors ( a lot of smoke will occure). Part # should be 1050002

1.Start motor and let it reach normal operating temp.
2.Find a vaccum hose which has vaccum at all times (with engine running)
3.Open can, stick vaccum hose in top engine cleaner. Hold the idle up as the car will try to stall.
4.Let the car suck the fluid into the engine. Dont let the vaccum hose come out of the fluid,as if it does NO DECARBONIZING WILL OCCURE.
5.Let about 90% of the can go into the car and then let it stall.
6.Reconnect vaccum hose to vehicle, let it sit for 10 minutes.
7.Start car, car will smoke a lot.
8.Drive around till smoke discontinues (better to try and use 30%, then 40% and then 50% and all the way up to 100% throttle)(meaning that you dont use one set gas pedal pressure).
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it usually doesnt cause any harm but there is some aftemarket decarbon products that is likely just as effective, and it is usually a good idea to replace the sparkplugs after decarbing cause it can cause some plug fouling.
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I have heard of, but never seen, this burning up motors. It might just be rumors.
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The GM cleaner works, but chances are if the vehicle was properly maintained, it will not need that stuff.

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