Ford Air Bag Problem


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Ford Air Bag Problem

The air bag light came on in my 99 Explorer. Took it in only to find out they have to replace a wiring harness under the second row seat. Significant cost. Did some research, found it is a common problem for Ford trucks. There are several tech service bulletins as well as the NHTSA investigated Ford for this problem.

Called Ford and they agreed to pickup half the cost of the repair. Better than nothing I guess, but by them agreeing to pay part of the cost, they are basically admitting they have a problem with the air bag system.

I wanted to post this so if anyone else runs into this problem, they are aware of this common problem.
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Happens all the time

No, it's not unusual for a manufacturer to put out a substandard product with a common defect, then meet you halfway on the repair.

I just spent $725 replacing the engine wiring harness on my car because for three years the manufacturer decided to make the insulation out of earth-friendly biodegradable insulation. This insulation "biodegraded" under the hood before its time was due. Other owners had the dealer do it for only the labor.

Another example is the Chrysler A604 4-spd electronic transmission that experienced a 10% failure rate during warranty. (You can only imagine what happened to others out-of-warranty!). Chrysler was a hair's breath away from a forced recall on these transmissions. Some of these transmissions were replaced for free or at a reduced rate.

I'm sure there's many other examples.

A lot of the bargaining depends on how good a customer you are. If you have a working relationship with the dealer, you can easily bargain with them.
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I agree.

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