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I have a 91 chevy lumina 3spd auto 3.1 liter. The last few days it has been taking several tries to start it. when i turn the key it doesnt quite turn over. usually on the second try it is ok. But today I went to start it and when I turned the key, no sound. Nothing. no dash lights came on either. i pushed the car back a few feet out of the way and when i put it in park it started the first time. got it home and it wouldnt start again. went out for an hour came back and it starts again. it does sound like a prolonged start though as it takes a fraction longer than usual to turn over. Is it the starter? alternator? battery? It runs ok once started but im afraid of it leaving me stranded. The cables are tight on the posts and nothing seems to be out of place. Also, when it wont start, there are no dash lights when the key is in forward position. But when the key is turned back the dash lights are working. I have a shop manual but it doesnt seem to zero in on my problem. it suggests the alternator or battery but it doesnt seem to be drained of power. it seems like the problem is elsewhere. but what do i know? thats why im here. thanks guys.
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