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I have a small, but very irritating problem with my wipers. This is a 1994 Australian Ford Falcon. I know you don't get them in the US, but hell, they are only wipers.....

Both blades squeal really badly, only on the return stroke. New blade rubbers fitted, no difference. It also seems they are not cleaning properly, leaving some liquid streaks on the glass. It's definitely not the mechanism - lift the blades clear and all quiet.

I have tried bending the blades very slightly to give more pressure, also the other way to reduce the pressure, but nothing seems to make a difference. Help PLEEEEASE.
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It does matter that it doesn't come here as there is possibly a technical service bulletin from Ford (if this is a widespread problem), that we do not get.

I would check the wiper transmission, making sure it's greased properly (but not excessively). Then, I'd change both wiper arms and blades with new ones.
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since you have rulled out mechanical, it is a trial and error thing, seen it before. I would clean the glass with ammonia, then give it a clay magic treatment using plenty of lubricant, making sure clay is 100% clean, then give it a windex treatment. Go get a set of ansco wipers, not the refill but the whole blade assy(Excluding arm) Be sure you pick up the genuine rubber blades and not the synthetic jobs. Rain-x seems to help some also.

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