1985 ford f150 302 EFI


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1985 ford f150 302 EFI

no one has figured this one out yet. When I start my truck dead cold the engine might turn over a couple of times and fires right up. But when I drive somewhere say 10-15 miles and I try to start the truck it takes 10 or so turn overs to get it to start. During these 10 or so turnovers the truck doesnt even fire. This even happens after I had it tuned up (platinum plugs, plug wires etc.) Bottom line is it always starts though.

Mark Efird
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Install an inline fuel pressure gauge from Summit or some place like that. Take the truck and get it warm and then kill it. Get out and watch the fuel gauge while some one else try to start it. If you do not have adequate pressure you could have a vapor lock problem or a clogged vent or return hose. Also if your plugs are gapped wrong after they expand they might not be giving your motor enough spark.
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Next time it happens, take off your plug wire (one of them) and crank it over, holding the wire to a metal ground. If you do not have spark, you likely have bad TFI (ignition) module.

The distributor mounted module that Ford used on most models isn't worth 50 cents. In fact, there was a class action settlement against Ford for this.

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