'91 Mitsubishi Precis w/spark problem


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'91 Mitsubishi Precis w/spark problem

I am working on a '91 Precis that doesn't want to fire at all times.
The owner of the car had a new engine installed. For some reason,the installer bypassed the ignition switch and wired a starter button directly to the battery and the starter. The car stopped firing and the owner put in a new coil. That wasn't the problem. The dealer said the spark on this vehicle was controlled by the computer,distributor and the coil. No ignition module used.
I installed a new computer and the car fired right up. Now the car
is doing the same thing again. No spark. Please help! Thanks.
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I would check the distributor trigger plate and sensor. You should make sure the trigger plate is not rubbing up against the sensor and that the pick up sensor is still good.

Youwill also want to check the power transistor too and see if you are getting power to it. I believe that on some of tehse cars the power transistor gets its power directly from the battery. Also check your ignition fuses.

Good luck
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Might want to look at the "alteration" done by the previous guy with that starter button.

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