Runs rough & Want AC - 2 questions


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Runs rough & Want AC - 2 questions

84 Celica GTS, FI, 115K miles, Manual Trans. This car has been kept in really good shape. I'm the third owner (been in the family all this time) I dont drive it very often but with gas prices being what they are I've been driving it more and more. I've set the idle speed to spec. 950 RPM with a warmed up engine. Set the timing to 8 BTDC just like the book said. It runs really good for about two weeks and then it starts to idle rough and hesitate. I clean out the throttle body, reset the RPM's and timing and we start the cycle all over again. Why does it do that. Is it because I dont drive it enough or am I setting the idle speed incorrectly? Any help would be appreciated. Also, I took off the Air Conditioning on this car because I replaced some parts on it and I never put it back. It had a leak in the system, every summer I needed to get the freon recharged but after that it got me through the summer fine. When I took it appart, I just let what freon it had out. I know that was bad and everything but I honestly thought it would not be that much since it was well into the winter, it actually only hissed for a few seconds. I want to put it back because I miss having AC. Any advise on what steps I should take. Should I have the compressor checked, the evaporator, or change the o-rings? Can you change those on the compressor? It looks like it's pretty well sealed. Any AC guys that can help me?
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The A/C service should be left to a professional. It is not DIY work without the proper tools, service information and know how.

As for the other problem, have you given the vehicle a tune up? Is the throttle body always dirty? How's the PCV system? Vehicle burn oil?
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I agree with Joe. (believe it or not, Joe lol)

A car this old used r-12 for the a/c. It's the refrigerant that will work best for your system. Unfortunately, the last time I bought r-12 it was about $35 per 12 ounce can. (MUCH more if you are taking it in to have it serviced... like around $50 per pound)

Before you can consider which refrigerant to use, you have to know what was in there (was it converted to r-134?).

The entire system will need to be flushed (because it was left opened), and lines replaced that can't be flushed (if they have mufflers). It is very much not good for the a/c system to leave it open like that. (Well.. if you plan on using it again)

You'll need to replace the dryer too.

Then..... you'll have to get the leak fixed and pull a strong vacuum on the system. This will get rid of air and moisture in the system... both of which are harmful to your system while it's running.

This is the step that most DIY'ers can't do. A vacuum pump for a/c systems is generally hundreds of dollars used. Then you need a pressure gauge set to monitor pressures while you charge.

Yes the seal can be replaced on the compressor, but it's an operation... best left to a pro.

Basically, what I'm trying to tell you.... Since you left the system open, you're going to have to pay more to get it up and going.

For an '84 car? I'd just roll down the windows.....

FWIW, the EPA doesn't require that you fix a leak before you re-charge it with refrigerant. But who wants to pay out the butt for r-12 that's going to leak out. And who likes to guess about how much and when to add oil.

As for the running trouble, I have no idea. I've never even looked under the hood of a Toyota.

Good luck.
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Thumbs up

Jason gave you some great detail as well.
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thanks for the info on the AC. As far as the throttle body being dirty, It's hard to say. It sat for over a year so I figured it was and cleaned it. Once I did that It started running great. Since I've had this problem, I just figured that cleaning the throttle body wouldn't hurt and just like clock work every time I do, it runs good again. PCV is new. New plugs, wires, distributor cap, the ignition and the coil is new too. I'm driving it back and forth to work now and I'm now having problems in the mornings when it's a little cold, around 40o or so. It wants to cut out unless I give it some gas. I noticed that when I gas it real fast it sort of back fires. I say sort of because once it's warmed up it doesn't do it again. Absolutely no oil burning, which is weird for a car this old. My 95 Truck burns a little oil, but it's a Ford, so I figured this car being so old would burn more, but that's not the case. I'm really stompped on this one.
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Have you pulled any computer trouble codes?

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