Radiator leaks


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Peter Poon
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Radiator leaks

Hi, does anybody try using those chemicals, like Barr's Leak, to fix radiator leaks?

You help is much appreciated.
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No, it is a not a good solution to the problem. Have the radiator fixed professionally by a radiator shop, and if in poor condition, replacement is required.
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Those remedies usually plug everything but the leak. There's always the exception of some guy that's used it a hundred times and it works fine but in the years I've been around I've heard more horror stories than praises.

Do like Joe says. If you've got the ability to pull the radiator yourself and take it to a radiator repair shop you'll save a few bucks. If they tell you it's not worth the repair just replace it.
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Originally posted by mattison
Those remedies usually plug everything but the leak.
I think that says it all.
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Peter Poon
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Needs hose replacement

Thanks for all the replies.

The reason I think the radiator is leaking is that I found green stuff around the top edge of the radiator. This looks like overflowing of the anti-freeze and then dried out. There is nothing on the floor and the temp is OK, fluid level is OK. After carefully looking around, I think the "overflow" should be coming out from where the top radiator hose joins the radiator.

Is is a simple task of just pulling out the old hose and put in a new one? I think I don't even have to drain the system, because I found that when the engine is cold, there is no anti-freeze inside this hose, as this being at the highest level of the system. Or am I wrong. I would have to drain part of the anti-freeze out and put it back afterwards and run the whole process of bleeding the system.

Your advise is much appreciated.

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Now's a good time to drain & flush the system. If there's nothing in the hose, that means you've been running low on coolant (not good).
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Didn't BarsLeak used to advertise that their product was factory installed in all GM vehicles? If it tends to clog up the system, why would GM do that? (Just a question, no axe to grind.)
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If it were recommended by GM and others, it would be resold in the GM parts department, or the service manual would mention it in the service instructions. Nothing in mine on that .

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