exploring a transmission


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exploring a transmission

1995 Ford Explorer, automatic transmission, 6 cyl engine, 165000 miles. I need to service the transmission with new oil, filter, and gasket. I have done all sorts of other projects on other vehicles, but never have touched a transmission. Is this project as simle as draining the fluid, dropping the pan, changing the filter, and put it back together again, or should this one be left to a transmission shop?
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thats just about all there is to it, there usually isnt a drain plug so you will have to drain it while removing the pan bolts just lower one corner of the pan slowly while the fluid drains, should also check for a convertor plug if it has one that is accessable you should drain the convertor also to get more of the old fluid out.
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Transmission jack or jack adaptor save’s fingers!
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I agree with both posters. One note: If this the the vehicle's first fluid change, don't bother. You could waste the tranny by introducing new fluid into a dirty transmission and render it useless .

If at this point, it's the first change in the vehicle's life, leave it alone and drive it till it stops shifting and then put in a rebuilt.
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What's the difference whether it has been serviced before? I know that this tranny has been serviced before. He had always taken good care of the vehicle at the proper intervals. I have all the reciepts from any work performed from when it was new.
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If the fluid and filter have been changed before then it won't be a problem.

Maybe Joe can explain it to you better (its been awhile since I went to school or rebuilt a tranny), but it has to do with old components, old dirt/particles/metal pieces embedded into the clutches and new fluids causing those particles to become lose thus getting into places it shouldn't be. Also, new fluids on an older tranny that has never been serviced can mix with the old fluids (clutches absorb some of the tranny fluid) and could cause the the material on the clutch packs to deteriorate.

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Kay said it correctly in a nutshell. New fluid tend to be aggresive and wash out dirt and junk into places which can cause problems and clog up the works.
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i thought thats what you meant, thanks

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