Pontiac Trans Am Engine Swap

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Question Pontiac Trans Am Engine Swap

I have an 1984 Trans Am 305ci 4bb V8 LG4 dual exhaust. I want to swap it with a 350ci V8 2bb single exhaust from a 1974 Firebird. Will this fit? Where can I find out if it will fit? Can I turn the single exhaust into a dual exhaust?

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well the basic engine would fit but i would suspect you will need to keep your original intake and carb and exhaust manifolds to make it work may also need some carb work for the larger engine.
this should have a computer controlled distributer and carb on it so you will need to stick with the originals to make it work right.
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I don't think the distributor and carb are computer controlled. I own an 83 and neither one is. But I would stick the 305 intake on the 350 along with the 4bbl. that would make everything easier. I'd bet your 74 350's carb doesn't have a place for a TV Cable or cruise control(if you want it). I'd also use the 305's exhaust manifolds and just leave it dual exhaust, other than the stuff I mentioned it should be a bolt in.
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Whoops I forgot that in 84 it was Chevy parts in that bad boy and in 74 it was the B.O.P(buick, olds, pontiac) bolt pattern. So you will have to use a Chevy motor or get a B.O.P. adapter plate. That is if it is an automatic. On a standard maybe you could swap bellhousings?? I don't think your intake will work on it either or your exhaust manifolds. I would look for a Chevy 350 it'd make it a whole lot easier.
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This swap is technically illegal under federal law. It is also difficult as the 3rd generation F-bodies were never offered with a 'real' Pontiac engine. Additionally, the '74 Pontiac 350 2bbl. engine wasn't exactly a "performance" engine.

A better, albeit more expensive, option would be to install a new GM High Performance 350 crate engine. GM offers a kit for you car. See http://www.gmpartsdirect.com/perform...ATID=1099.html for details or order PN 10185077 from your local GM dealer.

A cheaper alternative would be to retrofit a TPI engine, ECM, wiring harness, etc. from a later model Camaro/Firebird. See http://www.jagsthatrun.com/Pages/Che...I_TBI_V-8.html for more info.
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I prefer carburetors for go-fast cars and Fuel Injection for off road. But, thats just a personal opinion. You might also look in to "block hugger" headers.
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I'm with Knuckles on this one.

Not only is a 74 350 Pontiac a slow poke, the 84 Firebird receiving the engine is a wicked pig. Crude, rough, not desirable and flexes like a slinky. 3rd gen F cars were lackluster quality and kinda "cookie cutter" in my belief.

My opinion? Pitch it and get one that's factory 350 TPI equipped. Then you have a great base to start with and the mods are just endless depending on your budget. '87 and newer had a 350 option. 3rd gen cars are cheap and in plentiful supply.

(Coming from a guy that owns 3 2nd gens with REAL Pontiac V8s ).
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Thanks for the input guy's. I'll let you know what I decide to do.

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