93 chevy lumina car stalling when comming to a stop PLEASE HELP


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Unhappy 93 chevy lumina car stalling when comming to a stop PLEASE HELP

I have a 93 chevy lumina car with a 3.1 I recently has a very complete tune up on it where they changed plugs wires flushed injectors they put it threw the wringer with all their scans and scopes to make sure there was nothing wrong the tune up cost me $150-$200 it was running fine till a few days ago. You drive a little distance and then come to a stop it would stall you put it in n. or park it would start again then when put back in gear it would stall again. untill it would do this a few times then it would start running fine again untill I came to another stop it might or might not stall again. It only does this when it gets warm.
I recently put a igition control mod. in it. It had a new egr value (that was pricey) map senser so I put money it it in the last 1-2 months. There is no service light comes on and When i check for codes it comes up clean there is nothing on the computer. Is there something Im missing because alfter it stalls and take it out of gear it will start right back up instantly. Im am really puzzled and getiing broke im to to point I cant sell it because I put WAY to much $$ in it. Any suggestions would be greatful.
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You likely have a bad torque converter clutch solenoid. Very common on the three speed automatic.

There is a four pin square plug on the top of the tranny if you have the 3 speed THM125C transmission. Disconnect it and if all is well, leave it disconnected. It is not worth fixing on something that old and won't have any adverse effects.

What is happening is the converter is staying locked up at low speeds. This acts like a manual transmission vehicle when you slow down and forget to push in the clutch---same idea.
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