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Question 1994 Jeep

I have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Loredo 5.2L V-8. My question is how do I tell if I have Trac-LokŪ (limited-slip) differentials? I want to change the fluid in my diffs. Thanks and go MARINES!!!
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Well there are two ways, drop the differential cover and look or put it up on jack stands and see if the rear end locks up.
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There may also be a tag on the differential cover that indicates limited slip.
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Call the dealer, give them the VIN number they should be able to tell you how it was built, with what options etc, I did this with my '90 Suburban to find the axle ratios, or do you have the codes on the glove box door like older GM's look up the codes on the net.
Good luck.
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CO_MTN_MAN has a good point. Some VIN's are on a metal plate where the front Windows MEETS the dash.
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The owner's manual should also detail how to know if you have it. If not, as suggested, call a dealer and ask as well.

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