headliner replacement


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headliner replacement

I have an '86 Pontiac 6000 that needs to have the headliner replaced. Doing a search here has made it seem that this can be done by a DYI'er. I'd like to try it, but how do you get the old board out? I can remove the visors but my door trim pieces do not have screws - apparently they are some sort of clips. Am I just gonna tear up the board and maybe break clips in order to get this out?

thanks for the help...
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A couple of options:

1) Staple the old one up to the roof and forget it. If the vehicle is a beater, I'd do that and be done with it .

2) Take out the board (you should get a service manual which will guide you through all the steps to remove the trim and such) and have it professionally recovered by a trim shop. You will save the labor on the R&R of the board. It takes special skill and techniques to do this job, I'd leave the material work to a pro.

3) You can do it yourself, but it's a messy job and frankly, it's cheaper to have it done professionally. You have to scrape off all of the old foam and old fabric or else the new headliner will fall down again in short order.

I had the headliner done on my 80 Trans Am some years ago and it was 60 bucks. I did the R&R of the board myself, the shop did the trim work.
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I installed sunroofs, t-tops, and did trim work for several years in the 80's Joe is exactly right in his post. Removing the moldings are complicated and they snap in half in the blink of an eye and without experiance in regluing the new material and the right glue it's gonna be a mess. You would probly be suprised at the low cost to get it done at a small trim shop.

If you decide to do it yourself have fun and be patient.
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thanks for the input ...i'm going to call some automotive trim places today....thanks again

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