Fan- radiator


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Fan- radiator

When car is started in the morning the radiator fan immediately kicks on.
the fan stays on until car reaches normal operating temp then shuts off. It operates normal from that point on.

Then next morning the cycle repeats itself.

seems like there is a sensor or something stuck closed then it unsticks when car warms up.

whats up with that? help!

forgot to mention the make and model.
Geo Prizm 1990
112K miles
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Sounds like the fan switch works opposite. LOL. Does the car ever overheat? If so, it's probably not a problem.
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If it's not overheating, I wouldn't worry about it. Just a hunch: Are you starting the car with the defroster on? Then shutting it off once your windows are clear? The fan will run continuously as long as the HVAC system is calling for A/C (defrost/defog, A/C, Max A/C).

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I would guess you are using the HVAC system to, causing the pump to come on.
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The problem occurs more often during cold winter season; (below freezing.
Thats what bothers me more; I dont need the fan to come on when the car is struggling to warm up. it takes the car forever to reach normal temp -sometime it stays on for a long time.

the problem seems to be disappearing with the warmer weather.
but I know it will come back next winter.

I been through two winters already with this problem.
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The fact that the fan runs when the engine is cold won't make the engine warm up any slower.

Little or no coolant is actually flowing through the radiator when the engine is cold, so the fan really isn't doing any actual cooling.

What year/make/model/engine size vehicle is this?

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