Oh those terrible noises you hear while driving


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Oh those terrible noises you hear while driving

Hi, I have a 91 Geo Storm 1.6L SOHC. A few days ago I was going over a speed bump and noticed a clunking sound coming from somewhere in the engine compartment. After that, I started to notice it more and more, going over minor bumps in the road and speed bumps, or when the road is kinda bumpy. When the road is smooth, or when I'm not going over bumps, I don't hear it. And I noticed that it doesn't make that sound when the left tire goes over a bump, only when the right tire does. It is getting kinda annoying because my neighborhood is full of speed bumps and the roads here in my town are poorly maintained. I hope it's not an engine problem because I'm broke and am going to be broke for a long time. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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Do you have any friends who are good with cars? If so, ask him ride with you--when you hear this noise point it out to him.

Otherwise, do you have a garage you can trust? If so, see if the mechanic can go with you down the road. It could be something simple that wouldn't be very expensive--or it could be something very expensive. Either way, if there IS something wrong, it'll definitely get worse if you DON'T have it fixed.

What could possibly be a $100 repair could become a $1000 repair.

If it only happens when you hit bumps, maybe something is loose and just needs tightened.

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A few years back I had a 1989 Hond Accord and it did the exact same thing. After looking at the front right strut, I could see that the coil spring was broken. I took it to a shop to get replaced because I didnt want to mess with compressing the spring. I dont know if your car is set up the same way, but I thought that I would throw my 2 cents in!
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Inspect the suspension or loose parts, see my "The Basics" for some ideas, and as noted, have someone go for a ride with you.

Most shops will also take a free test ride to determine what the problem might be as well.

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