Trans problem??????????


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Unhappy Trans problem??????????

Help????? Have a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4L straight six, with auto trans 4 wheel drive 125,000 miles. Had problems with the speedo working off and on. Was told the vss was the problem replaced and still had the same problem. Some time later the trans began to slip, took to a shop and had rebuilt. Picked up drove about 10 miles all seemed fine. Left store only had 1 gear high. Took back to shop checked trans info said no info from vss sensor. Left at shop week later said all ok, ck sensor was ok, substituted pcm same problem, replaced trans modual under dash, now working. Took vehicle seemed ok, next day no speedo, on floor consul has date and time fine, but mileage to next service doesnt change, also overhead consul has compass, dist. to mty, eco, ect lights up but only function that works is estimated time. Took back to shop kept for week, couldnt figure it out. Said vss showed no info. Cked vss said was ok, checked wireing said could find no problem said dont know what to do. Took vehicle home. Checked vss plug shows 5 volts, placed tool in vss housing, turned rear wheel, tool turns. Repluged vss into conector and rotated drive gear on sensor and voltage varies.
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Re: Trans problem??????????

Cut your losses with this shop and take it somewhere else. They should have been able to figure this out for you by now. There's no magic or mystery to these things. Modern cars have very sophisticated diagnostic capabilities, too.

I had a similar situation with the trans in my car. I took it to a local guy after the trans failed. Rebuilt it, it died within a week. Brought it back. He rebuilt it again. It died again within a week. He replaced the case for some reason. Still no good. After investing over $1,000 and lots of time with this guy I threw in the towel. I took it to a shop with a good reputation (and paid another $2,800) and it's been fine ever since. A very expensive lesson in "you get what you pay for".

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I agree. Bring it to another shop, have it fixed and bill the first guy for any additional repairs.

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