Squeaky Brakes


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Squeaky Brakes


Car Model: 92 Honda Accord EX

I've been hearing some squeaky noises whenever I step on the brakes so I took it to the repair shop to get it diagnoised. My mechanic says that I will need the following items replaced:

1. The ENTIRE front brake and Rotor because it's all rusted, the total cost for the parts is $221.50 and Labor is $260.00

2. Rear brake pads and Rotor, the total cost for the parts is $250.95 and Labor is $130.00

The total damage is $862.45, is this reasonable?? How often do these brake parts get replaced?

Thanks for your time!

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darrell McCoy
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Sounds a little steep to me, I would get another opinion. With everyday use, rotors do not rust on the wearing surface. Depends on rotor, but maybe they can be re machined. 90 bucks should get 4 pr of quality brake pads. Probably a little over 200 for all 4 rotors if they need replaced. Maybe 1 hour labor per wheel. Thats only my opinion however.
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Assuming the components are worn out, it sounds like dealer parts and/or prices. Honda parts are generaly more expensive than domestic vehicles. You can ask the technician if there are "aftermarket" pads and rotors available, which there are. The only problem is that aftermarket brakes tend to be noisy due to the type of material they use. It saves you $$$ though. Remember its your vehicle, get some estimates. There are places that dont charge for brake inspections. Dont forget to ask questions, good sevice personel are always willing to help.

Good Luck
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Honda=$$$ when they need work. Such is the case here. I believe the rotors are pressed to the hub on that model (more labor $$$$).

I agree with the aftermarket alternatives. Get a couple of estimates before you choose. Yes, rotors on front wheel drive cars rot out.
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