how to apply weatherstripping adhesive


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how to apply weatherstripping adhesive

I want to repair the weatherstrpping on my 1994 Chrysler Concorde. (Thank you Joe for 3M info.) I thought I would just squeeze a line of adhesive inside weather stripping and put it back in place; however I went to 3M website and they mention useing a brush, and yellow and black adhesive.

My questions are:
1. What size brush?
2. Light color cars use yellow adhesive, dark cars use black?
3. Brush on a thin amount (1/4 " or less), a thick amount (1/4 "to 1/2")?
4. Brush adhesive in sections of say 6-8"? Smaller or larger? If no brush how large a section can I do at a time?

Also 3M site mentioned their 3M release agent. Do I need this just in case, or is that for completely removing old weatherstripping to replace with new? This newbie would like to do it where it looks ok, and not have to find out while repairing this ....oops its dry and I'm stuck. lol. Thanks.
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Follow 3M's information. No, a brush is not needed. A thin bead of the black stuff should do.

Pick up a Chrysler service manual to guide you.

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