Transmission 4L60E


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Question Transmission 4L60E

ok here's my problem: 1994 pontiac firebird lt-1 witht he 4l60e automatic overdrive tranny, the transmission was rebuilt with new everything including torque converter it now has 13k miles. it was acting like it was slipping and it shifts all the time and lags really bad in drive, it does this maybe once or twice a day or every 2-3 days, i can put into park then back into gear and it won't do it. i did the first filter and fluid change and it was clean clean clean. what's the problem? please!
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The "E" in the transmission name (electronic). Could be in the electronics of the tranny.

Back to the guy that did the rebuild to have him check his work.
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i do know what the tranny is as far as name and electronics and software issues my question was actually asked in order to see if there is a solution i.e can a diagnostic check find the problem or is it mechanical as in bad software parts, sorry if my original question was vague
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Ya, with both a mechanical or electronic issue, you should go back to the guy that did the rebuild.

If it's electronic in nature, you need a scanner to see what's going on in there. If it's mechanical, the tranny may have to come apart again.

My point is that either is quite complex and the guy that did the rebuild for you should make good on it and fix the problem at no charge. You haven't driven it much since the rebuild.

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