plug wire change-out


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plug wire change-out

I have a 1996 VW Passat, auto, 6cylinder, GLX. I just had the car into the dealer for servicing. It's a long story, but after bleeding me for $750, they call and say I now need a set of plug wires - for $179. I tell them forget it, I can put on my own wires. Problem I now see is that I can only get to 2 of the 6 plugs. The other 4 are way down inside the engine. No way to reach the wire but with my hand. Appears there must be a tool that does this. Any suggestions - Is there I tool I can buy at any auto parts store? I have a very good repair shop for light repairs - can I take it to these guys and they would be able to install them? Or am I screwed, and now have to go back to the dealer to get them to put their wires on - I'm sure they will claim that my new wires are inferior since they are not VW factory parts?

By the way, the cars runs worse than when I took it in - I actually suspect that these wires are not the culprit
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Any good shop should be able to install the wires for you. The dealer probably has the same issue, because the engine bay is tight.

Get used to VW parts being out there in the stratosphere. My sister has a 2000 VW with 15k---already blew the head gasket. Very lackluster vehicle.

As for OE/NON OE wires, the dealer will always say to use VW parts---they must as part of the factory warranty program.
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I donít think there is anything wrong using aftermarket wire, that is all I use. You should pick up a factory repair manual for you car, the procedure will be in there.
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Thanks for the reply. Just curious as to what this tool looks like. On this car the first row of plugs runs across the engine, the second row parallel behind it. The plug wires run across the top the drop into the aluminum abyss. Almost like a cylindrical channel down to each plug. Seems as if there is barely room to drop the plug in, much less your finger, etc. to access these. Any value to buying a tool to do this?

Sorry to hear about the VW stuff. I had heard they were getting much better in quality....sorta why I bought this used from a guy who took great care of it, but I've had what seems like a lot of expensive repairs....
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Maybe there is a tool, maybe the engine has to be dropped to gain access. Again, that is why we are recommending the OEM manual---it will have all of that information .

No thanks on the VW---always been lackluster.

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