Trip Computer


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Trip Computer

I own a 1998 Pontiac Transport with a trip computer. Is there a way to calibrate them? It appears that the gallons read low by about 2 gallons every time I fill up the gas tank.
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Probably working as designed. I suspect nothing is wrong. It could get costly sending that unit out to Delco to have it checked out.
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I'm no pro but I believe they do that on purpose and call it your reserve so that you don't drive until it's truly empty.
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darrell McCoy
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I think most vehicle deals like that are made to run about 30 miles after it sez fill up, so there is your 2 gal.
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Ya, true. Most vehicles have a two gallon or so reserve built in.

On a modern fuel injected vehicle you should NEVER run that low. You risk wiping out the fuel pump by starving it for fuel. The fuel cools & lubricates the pump as well as tends to suspend dirt from getting sucked up into the strainer of the pump.

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