Alternator Belt


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Alternator Belt

I own a Plymouth Gr. Caravan 6cyl with A/C. I thought my problem was a simple one but it has turned out not to be so. I have had three alternator belts installed in less than three months by qualified mechanics. They seem to fray and start to hit against the underside of the hood. I have myself changed many belts over my liftime but before I do is there something I should check before installing a new one? Your reply as usual is greatly appreciated. Alibaba
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Check for any bulletins that apply to this problem. You might have a seized or bad accessory pulley that is binding up the belt.
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Look to see if the spring loaded tentioner isn't out of line with the rest of the pulleys. They (on the Chrysler's) have a tendency to start coming apart, causing the pully to get out of alignment with the rest of the pullies. If you "sight" down the line of pullies that the belt would travel around, it will be fairly easy to see if this is the case.
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Again, check

I'm almost sure certain Chrysler models of this vintage had pulley alignment problems. The fix is a revised bracket and a washer, depending on application.

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