ignition/ecm fuse blowing


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ignition/ecm fuse blowing

I have a 1994 Surburban with a 5.7 l engine. Over the last few months the 10 amp ignition/ecm fuse (verified proper fuse) blows intermittantly. It only blows when the vehicle is decellarating or just coming to a complete stop. When it blows the engine turns over but does not start. The problem may occur once or twice and then not show up for weeks to months. Today I forgot to turn the switch of before replacing and it blew immediately. So the circuit that blew the fuse was still open because I had not switched the truck off. All other times the vehicle restarts when a new fuse is installed and the ignition switch the turned on.
My train of thought is that it is related to an idle switch or solenoid type device. Professional repair facilities are talking $250+ just to look at it. One even suggested putting a wiring harness on it just as a "let's see if this works".
But since it only does it as the RPM's decrease to or near idle, I feel it is a component not the harness.
So here are the symptoms in brief. Intermiitant over weeks to months, only when idling down (at or near idle RPM), and always restarts when switched off and fuse replaced (fuse blew once when I had not turned the key off).
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Without the proper wiring diagram and test equipment, this will be a bear to nail down.

I suggest you hit a competent electrical shop or GM dealer that will spend the time go to through it. A quick check at Alldata.com didn't reveal any bulletins that pertain to this problem.

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