Engine running rough at startup


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Engine running rough at startup

First of all thanks guys for your help in the past. I have been here before with my quirky automotive issues and you guys are great. Here is the latest in the saga. Just recently the car has been starting real strange. Ka-chunk ka-chunk and the rpm needle fluctuates as the car starts real rough. When you put it into gear it gradually calms down and runs real smooth until you come to a stop and put it into park again and then it ka-chunks. It does not do this all the time. I am thinking of pulling the distributor cap and plugs and taking a look at them. This is a 94 Taurus with a rebuitl engine (35,000 on the replacement engine) as well as a new transmission. I have checked the transmission fluid, oil, they all look topped off and fine. Any thoughts would be appreciated
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If the idle is erratic, check for vacuum leaks, clean the throttle body (use only the Ford approved cleaner) and check the idle air control valve.

Any one of these will cause an idle surge.

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