Removing the odor of gasoline


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Removing the odor of gasoline

I had to get gas for the mower. After I filled the (approved) container, I wiped it down and placed it in my trunk.
Somewhere on the winding road and 2 minutes it took me to get home, a little gas spilled (don't ask me how--the caps were secure). I had a blue paper towel (the kind for cars and everything else--not an ordinary paper towel) and that is how I noticed it.
Now I have the odor of gas in the trunk which drifts up into the car. The car is less than a year old!! :-(
Does anyone know how I can get rid of the odor? I've tried leaving the trunk open on a sunny day but it didn't do too much.
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darrell McCoy
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Mean stuff.
If it spilled on the carpet in the trunk, you need to remove the carpet ASAP. The longer it is left in, the more the interior will absorb the smell. Leave it out a few days, maybe brush in some baking soda a few times and vacuum out. Leave it out as long as possible. Then maybe some febreeze? Inside car smell will eventually go away but it must be left open at every opportunity to air out. They may make a commercial neutralizer. Sorry, thats all I can suggest. Someone else may have a good solution. Gas has a funny way of leaking from capped containers.
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I agree with Darrell.
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Smile Gas spill

Thanks for the tips ya'll.
The baking soda got it out. I guess the blue towel soaked up the major portion of it.
From now on I'll make sure I put the container in a heavy plastic bag before transporting!


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