Power window problem update


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Cool Power window problem update

Well, after researching and searching for answers to my power windows and radio problem, specifically a friend was checking my driver's side window that wouldn't work any longer and all of a sudden neither of my windows worked and my radio went out completely.. doh.. Well I posted on every message board to see if anyone could give me a clue. all I got was check the fuses.. duh.. of course that was the first thing I did man.. Anyway, ends up the dude fried my BCM.. ya see.. everyone has been trying to convince me that the window and the radio were two seperate problems.. noooo.. it is ONE problem. So I hope noone else has to go through the torture of trying to figure this one out.. Anyway, the car is up and running just fine and thank you very much for the fuse advice. Before this happened to my car I knew very little about working on cars.. well at this point I know my car inside out.. that was worth the torture I suppose.
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What type of car?
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Well Joe I did read your basics. There's no mention of this problem. You do have some common sense things in there, but no help for my problem and mostly it's basic stuff. I have a manual for my car also. The schematics for the power window and the radio doesn't show this module being involved with this problem. In fact it just gives a very basic explanation of the BCM. It is absolutely no help for a problem like this. Believe me, I have checked everything. The only way this could be connected was that the two components went out at the same time. The BCM sends a message to the PCM if the car door is ajar or not. The BCM was telling the PCM that the car door was ajar therefore the radio and windows wouldn't work. The BCM controls a lot of stuff. I think it got confused because I think the guy who was checking out my driver window switch problem disconnected the switch when the car was running and that confused the BCM.
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The basics are just that. They are not a replacement for the factory OEM manual, which anyone working on their own car should have. There is no substitute for the factory manual, and it is money VERY well spent and pays off the first time you use it or solve a problem. Also, autolibrary gives some great information for the DIY person as well.

Just to give you a perspective, I just ordered the OEM GM manuals for both my Chevy Cavalier and Oldsmobile Delta 88 from a guy on Ebay, who didn't sell them outright there, so I made him a package deal.

All of the manuals, including shipping (four in total) are $65.00. That's less than a hour's labor at any repair shop and you will have the same information as the dealership does . It's also about 16 bucks a book, which is what Chilton will run you in the parts store.

Again, what type of vehicle?
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This sounds exactly like the problem we had on my mothers 95 chrysler intrepid.It would blow the fuse for radio, int lights,door locks. I checked everything about ten times.Called dealer and asked him what the bcm was.He told me it couldn't be that.Well I ended up Pulling dash apart and I unplugged the bcm,Bingo,didn.t blow fuse.Plugged it back in and all has been fine.Anoter reason I do alot of my own work!!!!
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You seem disturbed that FREE advice did not pin point your problem. Well I post on about 6 different FREE auto advice boards and there are no guarantees that someone will provide the final fix...only suggestions as where to look. I researched your posts on this board and NOWHERE do I see anyone here mentioning anything about fuses except you. Here is what Joe posted.

Dead motor(s) or bad master switch more than likely.
Another post recommended looking at some service bulletins.

Here's a Service Buletin that pertained to your problem and the Factory Service Manual. A yearly subscription to www.alldatadiy.com would have eleviated your torture for $25 and given you all the revision documents.

Body Control Module - Service & Diagnostic Revisions

File In Section: 8 - Chassis/Body Electrical

Bulletin No.: 63-82-O5A

Date: October, 1996


Section 8D - Revised Section For Body Control Module (BCM)

1996 Chevrolet Camaro
1996 Pontiac Firebird

This bulletin is being revised to correct Attachment # 2. Please discard Corporate Bulletin Number 63-82-05 (Section 8 - Chassis/Body Electrical).

This bulletin is being issued to update Section 8D of the 1996 Camaro/Firebird Service Manual (GMP/96-F-1). Please replace the existing pages in the affected Service Manuals with the following:

Caution: This vehicle is equipped with Supplemental Inflatable Restraint (SIR). Refer to CAUTIONS in Section 9J under "ON VEHICLE SERVICE" and the SIR Component and Wiring Location view in Section 9J before performing service on or around SIR components or wiring. Failure to follow CAUTIONS could result in possible air bag deployment, personal injury, or otherwise unneeded SIR system repairs.


General DescriptionSystem Functions
Wake-Up/Asleep States
Power Requirements

On-Vehicle ServiceBCM Replacement
Component Locations/Removal Procedures

DiagnosticsEntry Into Diagnostics
Intermittent/History DTCs
Body Control Module (BCM)
Replacement/Removal Procedures
Clearing BCM DTCs
BCM Wiring Diagrams
DTC Display OrderBCM DTCsDTC 12 - Diagnostic System Check
DTC 21/31 - Courtesy Lamps Feed
(Circuit Shorted to Ground)
DTC 22/32 - Courtesy Lamps Return
(Circuit Shorted to B+)
DTC 23/33 - Retained Accessory Power (RAP)
(Circuit Shorted to Ground or B+)
DTC 24/34 - "Fasten Seatbelt" Indicator Lamp
(Circuit Shorted to Ground or B+)
DTC 25/35 - Security L.E.D. (with UA6 only)
DTCs" (w/UA6 only)
DTC 41 - Last Transmitter Message Received Valid
(with AU0 only)
DTC 42 - Last Transmitter Message Received had Invalid ID (with AU0 only)
DTC 43 - Last Transmitter Message Received had Sumcheck Error (with AU0 only)
DTC 44 - Last Transmitter Message Received had Encryption Error (with AU0 only)
DTC 45 - Receiver Processing Currently in 20 Second Lockout (with AUO only)
DTC 55 - Begin Configuration Display

Best Regards-Stevo
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Stevo is 100% correct.

Original poster: Never assume. I don't. Since I may be 3000 miles (Or more) away from the machine and cannot look at it myself, I have to go by what YOU tell me .

You are the eyes and ears (and ultimately the solution) to your problem. We can merely guide you based on experience.

Never assume. Always look at the simple stuff and the obvious and work in logical order.

Cases in point:

I have numerous pieces of outdoor power equipment that were tossed which are now in perfect working condition by me because the original owner "Assumed" something bad was wrong. In probably 90% of the cases of salvaged items for me, the only expenditure was my time. I'm using a 1988 Craftsman lawn mower that my neighbor threw out because he jammed the starter cord. I told have to tell you I was waving to him the next morning using that same mower to cut my lawn after fixing it in five minutes . 5 years later, I'm STILL using that machine on my grandfather's property.

Case #2: I Just fixed my mother's washing machine. While the problem became evident when I pulled the case off (broken motor coupling complete with pieces on the floor...lol), I STILL checked the obvious first, including verifying the complaint my mom had. 52 bucks in parts later and some diagnostics on my part, and we have one great working LSR7233EQ0 Whirlpool .

Moral of the story: Always check the simple stuff and NEVER assume!
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I forgot to say in my reply about the bcm on my mom's car that I found that the bcm was on that circuit by going to wiring diagram found under joe's reply's.I didn't get charged for using it either!!So I say thank you for this forum.We should all be thankful for this.
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Cool Thanks Fasteddy

Thanks. You are right. It was my BCM. I couldn't find any info on that module and besides I wasn't certain that was it. I could have spent tons of money guessing, so I finally took it to the dealer. It's good to know if someone else has a similar problem I can point them in the right direction. It took the chevy dealer hours to troubleshoot and diagnose the problem. Don't know why it took them so long since I gave them a full description of what had happened and was happening with the car. Oh well.. valuable lesson. Now to top it all off.. I was riding my bike this weekend and that thing is acting up.. If it ain't one thing it's another.. I've got 20,000 on the bike so I guess it's time for a tune up again. Thanks to everyone for your time and help.
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Good job.
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Good job to all!! Have a nice Day!!

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