Rust Repair

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Rust Repair

I have a small amount of rust on my 9 year old Honda Civic and would like to repair it myself. Unfortunately I do not have the knowledge or experience to go about it. What products do I need for the job and what does the task entail?
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It really depends on the amount and severity of the rust.

If it's just surface rust, it can be handled easily. If it's completely rusted through, you can forget about 'fixing' it unless you're a skilled metal worker.

Minor surface rust (minimal pitting of the base metal) can be sanded with 36 grit sandpaper to remove the rust. Work from 36 grit to 80 grit to 120, 220, & finally 400 grit sandpaper & feather in to the surrounding paint. Prime the bare metal & paint with Dupli-color matching spray paint.

More severe surface rust (major pitting of the base metal) can be handled in 1 of 2 ways:

Preferred Method:

Spot blast the pitted area with a small handheld sandblaster. See for such a tool. Then complete the repair as described above.

Quick & Dirty method:

Sand pitted/rusted areas as best you can w/ 36 grit paper. Remove as much rust as possible. Treat area with Permatex Extend or equivalent "rust convertor". Feather surrounding paint with progressively finer grits of sandpaper as described above. Prime & paint the 'repaired' area.

You may want to practice your bodywork/paint skills on a junker or some scrap sheetmetal (your local bodyshop would probably be happy to 'donate' a bent fender or 3) before you tackle your own car.
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I really like por-15 products for rust problems, I have used them on some very old and rusty metal, it has worked wonders, all of my IHCís that were treated with it are still rust fee many years after the paint job.
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I agree with both posters. If the rust is structural in nature, the vehicle may not be worth it. Structural rust is bad business and means an unsafe vehicle.

Otherwise, both posters are right on the mark. It also depends on the degree of work you want. If you want it to look mint like it never happened, then a body shop is the way to go. It takes skill, patience, and knowledge to do body work. It is a true art.
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Thanks guys!!

The rust on my Civic is really minimal which makes me believe this is definitely something I can tackle on my own. I'll just wait until the weather gets a little nicer and will then let you know how it all turned out. Thanks again!

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