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Question Stalling

1990 Chev Corsica, 3.1L V6. Approx 180,000klm's. Fairly well taken care of. If you just drive the car around the block or to the store or any short trip it is OK, but once it gets hot it wants to stall. It will restart but you have to play with the gas pedal and then throw it into drive cause if you stop playing with the pedal it will stall. I know there are a lot of possibilities but can you give me a starting point at what to look for. Maybe you have heard this one before. Thanks
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If it chuggles to a stop or stalls right away when you put it in gear, you might have a stuck converter clutch solenoid. It would best be described as like forgetting to push in the clutch in a stick shift car when decelerating.

Disconnect the square four pin connector at the top of the tranny if so equipped and see if that helps. If so, leave it unplugged, not much harm done.

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