Drum Brakes Locked Up

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Unhappy Drum Brakes Locked Up

I have an '88 Toyota 4x4 pickup that has set for over a year with the parking brake on. Now the shoes are siezed to the drums. The parking brake cable is free, and I can see that the parking brake self adjusting mechanism is moving when I operate the parking brake. However, I can also see that the shoes do not move from the drums when I operate either the parking brake or the regular brakes. I have beat on the drums, pried on the drums, etc. to no avail. Help!!!!! What can I do?
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Spray them good with PB Blaster and let it sit. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Give it a whack with a hammer to break up the rust. Try to use the self adjusting mechanisms to let off on the shoes to see if that frees up things.

Once you get the drum off, replace all the hardware, friction and wheel cylinders back there and bleed it up. Sounds wasted back there.
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Unhappy still seized

I've got the same situation where a brakes is seized in the drum. I've done the PB Blaster and it hasn't freed. I'm not thinking it's the parking brake, since that seems to operate fine. What else can I do to release the brake since being locked up keeps me from taking the drum off??
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Keep PB blasting and try to hit the drum (not too ape) with a hammer to try to free it.
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captain caveman

Sometimes you have no choice but to sacrifice the drums.

Try Joe's method. Repeatedly.

If it doesn't work, get a 5 lb. sledgehammer & break the drums. They're cast iron & they'll break with a few good whacks.
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Could also call your friendly local towing company to hook up to it with a wheel lift unit, strap it on tight and tow it a short distance. I've picked up plenty of cars that initially had "frozen" brakes. Sometimes they have to be rocked forward and back, but I don't think I've ever had one that didn't unfreeze.
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Yea, I hear this guy is pretty good.




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